Culture of Fear

by Bearfoot

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released January 24, 2012

Manchild- Vocals
Shirzay- Edge

Recorded and Mixed by Alex Shirzay at The Bearcave.

Album Artwork by Mike "Shaka" O'Keefe

Special thanks to: Sarah Walordy




Bearfoot New York, New York

Punkviolence. Nassau/Queens

Johnny Manchild-Vocals

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Track Name: Is Lost
No sense of direction
victim of a superior's directive
lied to by the man we elected
disgusted with the shit we ingested.

10 years gone.
Vengeance lost.

Honest boys come home in bags
lowered in the ground with a folded flag
it's a wonder those colors don't run dark red
considering all the blood they've shed.

4500 casualties
amputees with permanent disabilities
PTSD eats away.
Track Name: Dogbreath (My Dog Skip)
My dog Skip has death breath from a huge tumor on his throat

there's no hope for him
he's gonna die soon
cancer's in his lungs every breath smells like shit

I don't pet him anymore 'cause

that shit smell sticks to my hands and everything I touch smells like death breath.
Track Name: Outcast
Guess I didn't turn out the way you planned
understand, I wasn't born to obey your commands
I am what I am.
I can't forget my past, or the friends and relationships that never seem to last.
I carry on with my heart cast in stone, and know tonight I'm not an outcast.

We hold together in the face of what we're supposed to be, we'll make our own paths and connect them so we'll never be outcasts.
Track Name: Whiskey Tango
Wiggercore herpe chodes docking on the dancefloor.

Strap on your kicks, suck each other's dicks
we're all here for the dubstep remix

flatten your brim, lick your boy's ass,
we're all here for the white trash bash.

Don't you fuckin' dare peel off your new era stickers.
Wear your swag tight, tight in your butt
Rep your steeze proud, you inbred mutt
Track Name: Soul To Take
Pieces of my faith crumble from my life, the light of god vanishes from my sight. I fear for what horrors the devil has in store as demonic whispers rise from my floor.

These voices and visions of death have me pinned as I strain for god's name with a gasping breath.

I pray and I pray but nothing seems to change. The demons crawling around this room are driving me insane. I'm terrified alone as I sweat and weep, the images on my walls won't let me fucking sleep.

Oh lord forgive me for I have sinned, an make it go away, the devil's grin, I can't bear another night of possession I'll be damned, so shower me, wash me pure in the blood of the lamb.

Confidence, faith, pride all stripped from my inside,
just a hollow desperate soul destined for hell's hole.
I'm embarrassed and ashamed, I'm the only one to blame, my refusal to believe will be my eternal grief.
Track Name: Beartrap
Track Name: I Hate Doctors
Cram a remedy up my ass, while I bleed out steal all my cash.

I can't afford any healthcare coverage so I'm waitin' in the ER try'na reattach my sausage.

I'm gonna die, you're gonna die, it's not just rent healthcare's too damn high. They will feed off our need for modern medicine.

Preserving the rich and disregarding the poor, there is a fee, to close death's door.
Track Name: BFY
Fuck you for showing me the way, the truth, and the life, now I'm lost in lies and I want to die.

If rebellion is as witchcraft, then I'm possessed.

For I hate the world and refuse to surrender myself and choose to perish in everlasting damnation.
Track Name: Globocop
Literal broken homes destroyed by military action. Coverups, Lies, to sweeten the taste of the bullshit.

World Police, weeding out our potential adversaries.
Flexing our military muscles to prevent revolution.