Soul To Take

from by Bearfoot

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Pieces of my faith crumble from my life, the light of god vanishes from my sight. I fear for what horrors the devil has in store as demonic whispers rise from my floor.

These voices and visions of death have me pinned as I strain for god's name with a gasping breath.

I pray and I pray but nothing seems to change. The demons crawling around this room are driving me insane. I'm terrified alone as I sweat and weep, the images on my walls won't let me fucking sleep.

Oh lord forgive me for I have sinned, an make it go away, the devil's grin, I can't bear another night of possession I'll be damned, so shower me, wash me pure in the blood of the lamb.

Confidence, faith, pride all stripped from my inside,
just a hollow desperate soul destined for hell's hole.
I'm embarrassed and ashamed, I'm the only one to blame, my refusal to believe will be my eternal grief.


from Culture of Fear, released January 24, 2012




Bearfoot New York, New York

Punkviolence. Nassau/Queens

Johnny Manchild-Vocals

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